A portrait by definition should portray. It should go beyond showing just a view of a face. It is to reveal the soul of the person. Anyone with a camera can take a picture, but it takes a special degree of sensitivity to create an image that stirs the emotion of the viewer. This is the goal we have for everyone who sits before our camera. It might mean showing closeness of a family, the bonding between a mother and child, the love shared by a couple celebrating an engagement or an anniversary. If the final portrait is to be a gift, it becomes our responsibility to ensure the feelings the subject has for the recipient are brought out in the portrait. Creating a great portrait requires a supreme command of the craft and tools plus a strong commitment to excellence in every detail. When we started our business in 1980, we aspired to produce the finest photography we were capable of, without compromise. Quality does not go out of style. It costs less in the long run, and is always appreciated by those who know the difference.

Gary and Sandra Thibeault have both earned the Photographic Craftsman degree from the Professional Photographers of America. Gary has earned the Master of Photography degree and the degree of Certified Professional Photographer. Gary and Sandra both have been awarded the "National Award" by the Professional Photographers of America from the Professional Photographers of New England. This award is presented for outstanding service and dedication to the field of professional photography. Gary was also awarded the "National Award" from the Professional Photographers of Rhode Island, Rhode Island Photographer of the Year, and a recipient of numerous KODAK Gallery Awards and the Fuji Masterpiece Awards. Gary is a past President of the Professional Photographers of New England and Rhode Island.
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Gary Thibeault
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