We take great pride in our heritage rooted in my 33 year love of photography. Our studio sets the standard for photographic excellence as well as Southern Hospitality.

Over the years we have evolved from a conventional portrait business into exciting portrait artists. We are creating portraits that have a scenic quality which are emotionally charged that often have a flair for fashion. We use the latest technology to bring you a blend of charm and dignity from the past.

Besides being an excellent photographer, Doug is a dynamic speaker and has presented in seminars and conventions in 47 states, England, Scotland, Wales, Canada and Mexico. He was also chosen to teach at the International Wedding Institute by Hasselblad University.

His articles and images have graced the pages of most professional photographic publications. He is the author of The Photographic Success Newsletter and has written several books including Professional Secrets of Children's Photography, Professional Secrets of Photographing Weddings and Natural Light Photography.
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Doug Box
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