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Professional Photography Myths and Realities

My friend/family member takes great pictures—why should I go through the hassle of using a pro?

  • Professional photographers are trained in lighting techniques, body placement, and overall image composition, resulting in photographs that are vastly superior to an amateur's.
  • What hassle? Now choosing a photographer is easier than ever when you use Kodak's Professional Photographer Locator. You get photographers close to you who specialize in the style of photography you want.
  • Many professionals use post-capture enhancement software effects such as retouching to eliminate imperfections for even better images.
  • If you're having a portrait taken, the session itself with a professional photographer can be exciting and rewarding.
  • When a professional photographer uses KODAK PROFESSIONAL Media, the resulting images can last a lifetime (100 years in a typical home*). Every photographer in the Pro Photographer Locator uses KODAK PROFESSIONAL Media.**
  • You want your guests to have the time of their lives at your event, not to spend their time hidden behind a camera. A professional photographer is there to do a job, and do it well.

I don't know how to find a professional photographer.
By using the Pro Photographer Locator, you can easily find a pro photographer near you. You'll also have the assurance of KODAK PROFESSIONAL Media, for images that last a lifetime (100 years in a typical home*) because photographers who use the photographer locator only use KODAK PROFESSIONAL Media.**

A photographer who shoots company portraits should be able to take a few shots of our office building, too, right?
Some photographers cover a range of specialties; others focus on a specific type of work (wedding photography, architectural photography, etc.). The best way to hire the right photographer is to know what you need and make certain your photographer can deliver. To learn more about photographer specialties, visit the photographer locator.

Professional photography looks too formal to represent my family or me.
There are as many photography styles as there are professional photographers. Whether you are looking for traditional or contemporary, color or black-and-white, there is a photographer for you. The Pro Photographer Locator can help you locate pros in your area. With a little exploration, you can find a professional who fits your personal style.

The event is months away. I have plenty of time to find a professional photographer.
The best photographers can book up months in advance. The only way to ensure that you will have a photographer for your event, is to book a photographer for your event. The Pro Photographer Locator is a simple way to find a photographer near you.

Visit the Professional Photographer Locator to begin your search.

* Based on product application, including specific light levels and temperature conditions; testing conducted as specified in ANSI Publication IT9.9-1996 and ISO Publication 10977. "Stability of Color Photographic Images- Methods for Measuring," including use of illustrative endpoint criteria of 30% dye fade.

** These photographers are not Kodak-guaranteed.