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How to Select a Photographer

Only you know exactly the type of photographer who is going to be right for your event. See Kodak's Professional Photographer Locator for more information on photographer specialties. Once you have found a few photographers who specialize in the kind of work you need, here is some information to help you choose:

How many photographers should I talk to?
Experts recommend talking to at least three photographers to get an idea of varying styles, personalities, and prices. However, if you feel very comfortable with the first photographer you talk to and you like his or her work, you should follow your instincts. The best photos come from having rapport with your photographer.

How much will it cost?
Everyone understands the phrase "you get what you pay for." Professional photographers have the talent and expertise to provide you with the very best photography experience and results, so their services are worth more than an amateur photographer. Most photographers offer packages and prices that vary depending on the amount of shots required, the amount of time it will take, and what kind of prints you will receive afterward. Choose the best photographer your budget will allow, and be sure to get everything in writing.

How long will it take?
If you are hiring a photographer to take portraits or advertising photos, make sure that you are able to provide exactly how many people or different types of shots will need to be taken. The photographer you select will be able to give you an estimate of how much time you will need to allow for all photographs.

What does the photographer need to know about my event?
Important information to share with your photographer includes:

  • Date, time, and location
  • A list of the people you want to be sure to capture in photos. For a business or social event, you may want to provide the photographer with a description of the people he needs to photograph, or even assign a colleague to help the photographer find the right people at the event
  • Protocol required if shooting in a venue like a church or synagogue
  • How the images will be used. Images that you will distribute to a newspaper may require a release form, where images from your wedding will not

Visit the Professional Photographer Locator to begin your search.