How Safe Is Your Safelight?

KODAK Safelight Lamps

Kodak makes several types of safelight lamps to suit various applications, as described below. General darkroom illumination comes from ceiling safelights, such as the KODAK Utility Safelight Lamp, Model D. Local darkroom illumination is provided by safelight lamps that you can mount on a wall or underneath a shelf, or screw into a standard light-bulb socket. A single safelight lamp should be all that you need to illuminate a particular work spot, such as the processing sink.

If you handle materials that have different safelight requirements in your darkroom (e.g., conventional black-and-white papers and panchromatic black-and-white papers), all you need to do is change the safelight filters to suit the materials. Changing filters in local safelights is fairly easy because they are normally positioned at a convenient height. Changing filters in ceiling safelights may be a nuisance or cause delays in production. You might find it more convenient to have two sets of safelights wired to separate switches so that you can quickly change from one type of illumination to another.

Note: Avoid placing white-light switches where they might be mistaken for safelight switches.

KODAK Darkroom Lamp (CAT No. 152 1178)
This safelight lamp screws into a standard light-bulb socket to provide direct illumination over sinks and benches. It accepts a 5½-inch circular filter. As a rule, a 15-watt bulb is used in this lamp, but you should use only a 7½-watt bulb with some materials. The exceptions are listed in the Safelight Recommendations table.

KODAK Utility Safelight Lamp, Model D (CAT No. 141 2261)
This lamp hangs from chains attached to the ceiling and can give either direct or indirect illumination. It uses a 10 x 12-inch filter and a 7½-, 15-, or 25-watt bulb. A bracket (CAT No. 152 1194) is also available for mounting the lamp on a wall or bench.

KODAK Adjustable Safelight Lamp, Model B (CAT No. 141 2212)
Similar in design and purpose to the KODAK Darkroom Lamp, this safelight can be mounted on a wall or beneath a shelf with the bracket and screws provided with it. The lamp holds a 5½-inch circular filter and either a 7½- or a 15-watt bulb, and has a double-swivel shank.

A last reminder
No safelight is completely safe for an indefinite time. Do not leave exposed or unexposed paper under safelight illumination any longer than necessary. Use paper safes or lighttight drawers in the enlarger benches to store sensitized materials.

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