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Photo Project: Picture Poem
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Skill Level: starsstars Easy

Sometimes special moments with your best friend deserve special words.
With this easy-to-make project, you can let your friend know just how much she means to you by adding your favorite saying across pictures of your favorite times together!
What You'll Need
  • Four pictures of you and your best friend
  • A favorite expression, quote or saying
  • A frame that holds four 5" x 7" prints
How to Make It
  1. Select your pictures
    Find four favorite pictures of you and your best friend. Then, find a saying that expresses what's special about your friendship. Take the pictures, and the saying, to the nearest KODAK Picture Maker. Touch the screen to start, and simply follow the on-screen directions. It's easy!

  2. What size?
    Follow the on-screen directions to make 5" x 7" enlargements using different pictures. This will allow you to print two different pictures on a single KODAK Picture Maker sheet.

  3. Add text to your pictures
    Using your first picture, follow the on-screen directions to Zoom and Crop on the part of the picture you like best. Then, choose the Add Text feature to add the first portion of your saying to this picture. Make the other three enlargements the same way, adding a part of the saying to each of the other three pictures.

  4. Frame and display
    Place your pictures in the frame of your choice. Remember to make sure your saying reads in the right order.

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