KODAK Picture Kiosk: Features and Editing Tools

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Social Network Connectivity

Get the right connections.

Forgot your memory card? No problem. Now you can connect and print your FACEBOOK Photos right from the KODAK Picture Kiosk and print your friends' online albums too*. It's also easy to access online photos from Picasa. How convenient!

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Smart Fit Technology

A smart way to create.

Making beautiful photo books, greeting cards, calendars and more is incredibly easy thanks to Smart Fit Technology. Intelligent and timesaving, it practically does the work for you, letting you effortlessly create KODAK Photo Gifts in just minutes.

  • Automatically sizes and arranges your photos
  • Prints your photos to fit your product
  • Done in just minutes

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Pet Eye Retouch

Print photos he can bark about.

With Kodak's Pet Eye Retouch feature, you can remove the glare from your pet's eyes.

  • Easy to use
  • Instatly corrects your pet's eyes
  • Automatically reverts your pet's eyes to their natural color

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Facial Retouch

Go from spots to spotless automatically.

With Kodak's Facial Retouch feature, you can remove or reduce facial blemishes, acne and wrinkles.

  • Instantly smoothes skin and reduces wrinkles
  • Automatically removes or reduces facial blemishes
  • Retouches in seconds
  • Works best on a close-up, front view of a face

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Video Snapshots

Freeze and print video moments.

With Kodak's Video Snapshots feature, you can print photos from your digital videos.

  • Easy and fast to use
  • No need to take video and stills of the same event
  • Many editing tools available to enhance pictures
  • Supports video formats of top-brand, digital still cameras and digital video cameras

Make every picture perfect to share today ›


Make it perfect.

Get better, brighter pictures with quality color balance in all your photos, automatically.

  • Analyzes and digitally processes each picture individually
  • Reveals more vibrant color and richer detail while diminishing dark shadows
  • Optimizes each of your pictures in just seconds

Auto Enhance your photos today ›

Red Eye Reduction

Say bye-bye red eye.

It's the most common problem people want to fix in their photos.

  • Fix it with one touch
  • Done in seconds
  • Touch ″Remove Red Eye″ feature on the screen

Take the red out today ›

Crop & Zoom

Get close to what matters.

With the zoom and crop features, you can focus on your favorite part of the pictures.

  • Use the crop feature to change the look of the pictures
  • Ready in seconds
  • Available in ″More Edits″ section

Crop and Zoom your pictures today ›

Black and White & Sepia

Go vintage.

This tool gives you an simple way to add elegance to your pictures.

  • Brings out the details of your photos
  • Completed in seconds
  • Available in ″More Edits″ section

Give your pictures a classic look today ›

Brightness, Contrast & Color

Look on the bright side.

Make your pictures as bright and vivid as the moment you captured them. With the Picture Kiosk, it's easy.

  • Give pictures a cool feel or warm glow
  • Done in seconds
  • Touch the screen to adjust the levels

Brighten up your pictures today ›

Photo Restoration

Look on the bright side.

Turn faded photos into richly colored images that you can print and share with familly and friends.

  • Touch the screen to adjust the levels
  • Done in minutes
  • Lasts a lifetime when printed on KODAK Quality Paper*

    *Under typical home display conditions

Restore your pictures today ›

Add Text

Have your say.

Add a special greeting, fun capture or important message to your pictures.

  • Choose from different text styles and colors
  • Place your text where you want
  • Easy to do and done in seconds
  • Available in more edits section

Add text to your pictures today ›