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How do I get my pictures into my computer today?

Woman with Show Box of imagesWith KODAK Digital Products and Services, I can do whatever I want to with my pictures whenever and wherever it's convenient for me!

Give new life to cherished family photos, and do more with your traditional prints and negatives. Participating photofinishers can scan your pictures onto KODAK Picture Disk Plus or FLASHPIX CD.
KODAK FLASHPIX CD or Picture Disk Plus Your traditional prints and negatives can be easily scanned onto KODAK Picture Disk Plus or FLASHPIX CD by the photofinisher nearest you.
KODAK Snapshot Photo Scanner 1 Or you can scan your own prints into a digital format with a home scanner...
KODAK DC210 Digital Camera

Or download images directly to your computer from any digital camera.

What can I do with them?

How do I share and print my images?

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