Processing (Z) Manuals: Z-6

KODAK Q-LAB (E-6) Process Control Handbook — Publication Z-6

Provides information professional labs need to control their process as a participating lab in KODAK Q-LAB Process Monitoring Service. KODAK Q-LAB Service is a program designed to help labs improve and maintain the consistency of Process E-6 in equipment, and to obtain highest-quality images from today’s color reversal films (both Kodak’s and other manufacturers’).

Emphasizes monitoring key process parameters to achieve and maintain high quality through process control. The specifications and tolerances for the chemical and mechanical parameters presented represent the professional standards of Q-LAB Service.

Section Revised
1. Process Control--A Better Way 07/04
2. Process Specification 07/04
3. What is KODAK Q-LAB Process Monitoring Service? 07/04
4. Process Monitoring: Chemical and Mechanical Parameters 07/04
5. Process Monitoring: Sensitometric Parameters 07/04
6. Stabilizing, Adjusting, and Optimizing Your Process 07/04
7. First Developer 07/04
8. First Wash 07/04
9. Reversal Bath 07/04
10. Color Developer 07/04
11. Pre-Bleach 07/04
12. Bleach 07/04
13. Fixer 07/04
14. Final Wash 07/04
15. Final Rinse 07/04
16. Maintenance 07/04
Forms, Worksheets, and Checklists 07/04
Index 07/04