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General Photofinishing Publications

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KODAK Processing Laboratories Outside the USA
June 2004

Removal of Silver Sulfide from Fixer, Bleach-Fix, Wash, or Stabilizer Racks/Rollers in Photographic Processors
Provides general guidelines for removing silver sulfide from fixer, bleach-fixer, wash, or stabilizer racks/rollers in photographic processors.
July 1999

Measuring the pH of Photographic Processing Solutions
January 2007

Formulas for Process E-4 Solutions
Provides the formulas for mixing the Process E-4 solutions from individual chemicals.
April 2000

Chemical Batch Codes
Identification Codes for KODAK Packaged Chemicals Sourced in the U.S.
February, 2014

Simplified Metric Conversion Tables
For converting U.S. units of volume, length, and weight to metric units. Also includes a temperature conversion table.
May 1999

Specific Gravity and pH Measurements of KODAK Processing Chemicals
This publication provides pH and specific gravity measurements for some Kodak chemicals commonly used in professional and photofinishing laboratories.
November 2004

Biocides for Photographic Solution Tanks and Wash Water
Describes a procedure for removing biogrowth from the whole processing system.
March 2000

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