KODAK: Retailer & Photofinishing Solutions (B2B): KODAK ROYAL Luminous Digital Paper
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Add Glitz to Prints
Sparkling radiance that enhances special-event photos
Mother/daughter and bride/bridegroom images
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Your customers value and desire true photographic prints that enhance their memories of special lifetime events. Presenting KODAK ROYAL Luminous Digital Paper, a paper for premium prints and eye-catching portraits.

ROYAL Luminous Digital Paper offers distinctive features usually found only in professional papers. Its radiant surface creates shimmering prints that will dazzle your clients. They’ll be just as pleased with the paper’s ability to print bold, rich colors, and natural-looking skin tones. Even the feel of KODAK ROYAL Luminous Digital Paper conveys value. At 261 microns thick, ROYAL Luminous Digital Paper is crafted to last, and the distinctive gold backprint ensures your customers they are receiving premium-quality KODAK Paper.

Whether you are a lab or a photographer, KODAK ROYAL Luminous Digital Paper can help you deliver quality and print differentiation with confidence. Set both your clients’ memories and your photographic prints apart with this prestigious-looking photographic paper.

* Under typical home storage and display conditions
  • Unique iridescent sheen
  • High gloss
  • Premium-quality base thicker than standard consumer paper
  • Bold, bright colors that last a lifetime*
  • Distinctive gold KODAK ROYAL Digital Paper backprint
KODAK ROYAL Luminous Digital Paper is available only in rolls in F (glossy) surfaces. Sizes and catalog numbers will differ from country to country. Contact your dealer or distributor of KODAK Products.

It is designed for processing in KODAK EKTACOLOR Chemicals Process RA-4 or KODAK EKTACOLOR SM Chemicals for Process RA-2SM.

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Sell Sheet (PDF) - includes features and benefits for photographers and labs
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