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ROYAL Luminous: Questions and Answers

—— This product has been discontinued ——
How does KODAK ROYAL Luminous Digital Paper differ from KODAK ROYAL Digital Paper?
  • ROYAL Luminous Digital Paper has been specifically designed with a new surface that gives a unique image style. Its surface is characterized as a gloss surface with an iridescent sheen.
  • ROYAL Luminous Digital Paper has a higher level of gloss and is thicker with increased weight.
  • Unlike ROYAL Digital Paper, which is available in both glossy and matt surfaces, ROYAL Digital Luminous Paper is only available in glossy surface.
What are the key features?
  • Unique iridescent surface
  • High gloss
  • Bold, bright color prints that last a lifetime*
  • Optimized for both digital and optical printing
  • Premium-quality paper base with a distinctive gold KODAK ROYAL Digital Paper backprint
  • Compatible with short process cycles

    * Under typical home display conditions.
Why name it as ROYAL Paper?
Currently, consumers choose KODAK ROYAL Digital Paper because they want the best consumer paper from Kodak. Keeping the name ROYAL in the naming of this latest product reinforces to consumers that Kodak offers another premium paper for their digital printing needs. For retailers and photofinishers, it reinforces this message as well.
I have an optical lab/workflow. Can I use this paper?
ROYAL Luminous Digital Paper can also be used for optical printing as well as for digital.
Are there any processing changes?
No processing changes are required.
Where can I find the printer setups for this paper?
See CIS-286, Calibration Routines for KODAK ROYAL Luminous Digital Paper.
Due to the thicker base/different surface are there any issues in transporting/using this paper?
No. The paper should perform similarly to KODAK ROYAL Digital Paper.