KODAK Photo Book Paper
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Spectacular Photo Books
A thin-base, high-quality, photographic paper designed for consistent, uniform output
Get the consistent quality, silver-halide, thin-based paper you need for your photo book production.

KODAK Photo Book Paper, our thinnest photographic paper, offers the highest D-max and color gamut of any Kodak silver-halide, consumer, color-negative paper. The emulsion technology enables rich, bright colors, exceptional dynamic range and detail, and spectacular print quality. KODAK Photo Book Paper has a 169-micron-thick base compared to 210 microns from our world-class KODAK EKTACOLOR EDGE Paper. The thinner base enables this paper to work well in double-sided, photo-book assembly.

This paper is also ideal for post cards and album cover production.

KODAK Photo Book Paper delivers

Quality: Consistent print quality with long-lasting, eye-catching colors
Options: Another innovative paper choice from Kodak
Profit Potential: Cost-effective alternative to attract and capitalize on incremental business
  • Thin-base AgX paper optimized for photo-book applications
  • Lustre surface
  • Bright, saturated colors
  • Excellent flesh-tone reproduction
  • No backprint
  • Optimized for digital printing
Available in roll sizes only. Sizes and catalog numbers may differ from country to country.

Use KODAK EKTACOLOR Chemicals for Process RA-4 for large processors, and single-part KODAK EKTACOLOR PRIME LORR or KODAK EKTACOLOR SM Chemicals for Process RA-2SM. For FUJI FRONTIER Minilabs, use KODAK EKTACOLOR Processing Cartridge 111 Chemicals.

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Sell Sheet (PDF)
Tech Pub E-7027 (PDF)
Calibration Routines: CIS-288 (PDF)

Feature Benefit
Workflow Productivity
The latest KODAK Paper Emulsion technology — thin-base, silver-halide material
  • Optimized thin base for photo books, post cards, album covers, or other applications where a thinner paper is required
Robust processing performance
  • Resistant to abrasion marks during processing
  • Minimum waste
  • Clean-running process performance
Image Performance
Advanced color coupler technology
  • Rich, bright, compelling colors
  • Vibrant greens, blues, and reds
  • High D-max for deep blacks
Lustre (E) surface
  • Customer-preferred surface for photo book applications
No backprint
  • No show-through on the image side
Excellent flesh-tone reproduction
  • Natural-looking skin tones
  • Realistic-looking prints
Wide tone scale
  • Pleasing flesh to neutral and highlights to shadows
  • Fine detail in highlights and shadows
State-of-the-art image stability*
  • Bold, bright colors that last a lifetime before noticeable fading—more than 200 years before noticeable fading in most common dark storage conditions
*Based on product application including specific light levels and tempeature conditions.