Spectacular Photo Books
The high-quality paper that consumers will love.
The photo book market, increasingly popular with customers, has grown steadily in the past several years. Now you can offer a more competitive option to your clients by choosing KODAK Photo Book Paper — our thinnest photographic paper. This thin-based, silver-halide paper is ideal for photo books, postcards, album covers and more.

KODAK Photo Book Paper has a 169 micron-thick base—compared to 210 microns from our world-class KODAK EKTACOLOR EDGE Paper. The thinner base of KODAK Photo Book Paper enables this product to work well in double-sided, photo book assembly and features:
  • Increased color gamut for stronger, brighter, more vibrant colors
  • More robust post-processing performance
  • Excellent skin-tone reproduction
  • Now available in Lustre (E) and Glossy (F) surfaces
  • Optimized for digital printing
  • No backprint
KODAK Photo Book Paper now offers an increased color gamut with improved cyan, blue, green, and yellow colors. This paper has the highest D-max and largest color gamut of any of our consumer papers. Customers will love the rich colors, bold blacks, clean-looking whites and realistic skin tones. In addition, you'll love the robust post-processing performance with a thin-base paper that stands up to the necessary binding, gluing, and folding.

KODAK Photo Book Paper delivers:
  • Quality: Consistent print quality with long-lasting, eye-catching colors

  • Options: Another innovative paper choice from Kodak in the surfaces customers prefer most

  • Profit Potential: Cost-effective alternative to attract and capitalize on incremental business

Roll sizes only. Sizes and catalog numbers for Lustre (E) and Glossy (F) surfaces differ from country to country. See your supplier of KODAK PROFESSIONAL Products.

You can expose KODAK PROFESSIONAL Photo Book Paper in many types of optical and digital printers. For printing instructions, see KODAK Current Information Summary CIS-288

Use KODAK EKTACOLOR Chemicals for Process RA-4 for large processors, and single-part KODAK EKTACOLOR PRIME LORR or KODAK EKTACOLOR SM Chemicals for Process RA-2SM. For FUJI FRONTIER Minilabs, use KODAK EKTACOLOR Processing Cartridge 111 Chemicals.

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Sell Sheet (PDF)
Tech Pub E-7027 (PDF)
Calibration Routines: CIS-288 (PDF)

Feature Benefit
Image Performance
Advanced color coupler technology
  • Rich, bright, compelling colors
  • Vibrant greens, blues, and reds
  • High D-max for deep blacks
  • Excellent D-min for clean-looking whites
Lustre (E) surface, Glossy (F) surface*
  • Customer-preferred surfaces for photo book applications
No backprint
  • No show-through on the image side
Excellent skin-tone reproduction
  • Natural-looking skin tones
  • Realistic-looking prints
Wide tone scale
  • Pleasing flesh to neutral and highlights to shadows
  • Fine detail in highlights and shadows
State-of-the-art image stability**
  • Bold, bright colors that last a lifetime — more than 200 years before noticeable fading in most common dark storage conditions
Workflow Productivity
The latest KODAK Paper emulsion technology — thin-base, silver-halide material
  • Optimized thin base for photo books, postcards, album covers, or other applications where a thinner paper is required
Improved, robust and economical processing performance
  • Excellent for book-making process (binding, gluing, and folding)
  • Resistant to abrasion marks during processing
  • Minimum waste
  • Clean-running process performance
* Varies by region. Contact your supplier of KODAK PROFESSIONAL Products.
** Based on product application including specific light level and temperature conditions.