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KODAK Paper backprint visibly identifies it as a paper designed by Kodak for quality results.
Simple solution offers the best in both worlds.
Can one paper really deliver superb prints from both digital and optical printers? Just ask your customers. When they see prints that combine bright, vibrant colors with flattering skin tones, they'll know your lab is the place for their business.

A distinctive silver-halide color negative paper, EDGE Paper also offers exceptional dynamic range and detail. The eye-catching gray backprint identifies EKTACOLOR EDGE Paper as a Kodak branded world-class consumer product. And Kodak's latest, leading-edge paper emulsion technology enables long-lasting prints and enlargements.

EKTACOLOR EDGE Paper streamlines your lab operations by making ordering and inventory simpler—just one paper for both digital and optical printing systems. It performs superbly under varying exposure and processing conditions, and provides great results with digital files as well as with Kodak's and other manufacturers' films—either optically or from scanned files. So, your lab has less remakes/waste and greater print consistency.
Key Features:
  • Rich, prestigious-feeling, quality prints
  • Increased color gamut for stronger, brighter, more vibrant colors
  • Bold, bright colors
  • Distinctive KODAK Paper backprint
  • Long-lasting prints — that last a lifetime*
*Under typical home display and storage conditions.

Sizes Available
EDGE Paper is available in a variety of roll sizes in E (fine lustre) and F (glossy) surfaces.

It is designed for processing in Process RA-4 KODAK EKTACOLOR RA Chemicals for large processors, and with single-part KODAK EKTACOLOR PRIME LORR, KODAK EKTACOLOR SM, and KODAK EKTACOLOR Processing Cartridge 111 Chemicals in minilab processors such as Noritsu, Fuji Frontier, and Photo-Me DKS digital and optical minilabs.

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Features Benefits
Optimized for digital printing
  • Exceptional detail and crisp text
  • Easy to calibrate
Increased color gamut; saturated colors
  • Rich, bright, compelling colors
  • Vibrant greens and blues
State-of-the-art image stability
  • Bold, bright colors that last a lifetime before noticeable fading in typical home display
  • Over 200 years before noticeable fading in the most common home dark storage conditions
Robust processing performance
  • Resistant to abrasion marks during processing
  • Minimum waste
  • Clean running performance
  • Less process sensitivity to leuco cyan dye in the bleach-fix (<pH 6.2)
Excellent flesh tone reproduction
  • Natural-looking skin tones; realistic-looking prints
Wide tone scale
  • Pleasing flesh to neutral; warm highlights
  • Fine detail in highlights and shadows