KODAK FLEXICOLOR LU Developer Replenisher LORR

Customer Testimonials

Kenton Photographic (United Kingdom)

Kenton Photographic, a high street photographic services outlet established in London for over 30 years, has been using the new low utilisation C41 film developer for 6 months. Director Kanti Shah said, “We have observed several benefits. In particular, we have seen an improvement in the prints from film, their quality now being more consistent overall. In order to cope with the low film processing volumes common in the trade today, we were periodically discarding and replacing around 10% of the developer tank solution. With the new LU developer we have been able to stop this expensive and wasteful practice. Overall I’d say the new chemicals are perfect!”
"Overall I’d say
the new chemicals
are perfect!"

Kanti Shah, Director
Kenton Photographic
United Kingdom

Photo One, Inc. (USA)

“Just wanted to let you know how well the new C-41 developer chemistry is working. It is much easier to keep our film processing machine in control. I have been using it now for several weeks and have not needed to spike the developer. These low volume days were a constant problem before the new developer.”

"These low volume days
were a constant problem
before the new developer."

Kevin P. Hughes, President
PhotoOne Inc
Cadillac, MI