KODAK FLEXICOLOR LU Developer Replenisher LORR

Questions and Answers

What prompted this change?
As color film processing volumes began to decline, Kodak anticipated the need and moved swiftly to provide a solution for its customers. A color film developer is a complex product to formulate and bring to market. Kodak scientists analyzed the potential impact on processed film quality and carefully developed KODAK FLEXICOLOR LU Developer Replenisher LORR to ensure that its customers continue to realize the highest quality and consistent results they expect from Kodak chemicals.
Do I need to change my existing developer tank solution prior to using FLEXICOLOR LU Developer Replenisher LORR?
KODAK FLEXICOLOR LU Developer Replenisher LORR can be mixed directly with your existing solutions. As the tank volume changes through the normal solution replenishment process, your process will begin to realize the benefit of the new low-utilization formulation that makes up FLEXICOLOR LU. To realize immediate benefit from this product, we suggest completely replacing the solution in your tanks with a fresh mix of LU Developer Replenisher LORR – using a starter solution as recommended.
Do I need to change my replenishment rates?
No, if you are using the current standard product, KODAK FLEXICOLOR Developer Replenisher LORR at the recommended rates, no changes are required when converting to the new FLEXICOLOR LU product.
Is there a cost benefit to using this product?
The cost benefit can be significant, depending on your processing volume. This new product is a different formulation, compared with the product it replaces, and therefore, it is priced differently. When using this product as recommended, you will experience a significant improvement in the process stability delivered by your processor, eliminating the need for increased replenishment rates and frequent tank solution replacements.
How long will my mixed replenisher solutions last?
It is estimated that your mixed replenisher solutions will last twice as long. Although actual usage may vary, depending on individual situations, greater or less than twice the longevity may occur, but you will likely see a significant increase in the period between replacements.
What processed film differences will I observe as a result of using KODAK FLEXICOLOR LU Developer Replenisher LORR?
As a result of using FLEXICOLOR LU, your process will be returned to the stable state you experienced when your film processing volumes were higher. You can expect the high-quality film processing consistency for which Kodak is known.
My processed film volumes are not decreasing; they continue to be relatively high. Can I use KODAK FLEXICOLOR LU Developer Replenisher LORR?
Yes. Kodak testing concluded that this new product, although designed for low-utilization processing environments, will produce consistent, satisfactory results when used as recommended in higher-volume film processors.
How long will I be able to purchase the existing product, KODAK FLEXICOLOR Developer Replenisher LORR, the product without the low-utilization formulation and LU designation?
FLEXICOLOR LU will replace the existing product, FLEXICOLOR, on a stock-turnover basis. Once the new product is available in your region, the older product will be discontinued.
When will this product be available?
The new FLEXICOLOR LU Developer Replenisher LORR in 5-liter (5L) and 10-liter (10L) sizes will begin shipping to most regions of the world in late January or early February 2009 – as the supply of 5-liter and 10- liter sizes of FLEXICOLOR Developer Replenisher LORR are depleted. Exact dates of availability will be determined on a country-by-country basis. Local representatives will receive information that is more specific.
My processor developer tank requires two five-liter (5L) mixes to make a complete tank solution. If I have one mix of the Developer Replenisher LORR remaining, can I mix it with one five-liter (5L) mix of the new LU Developer Replenisher LORR to make a new tank solution?
Yes. Mixing a complete mix of each, the old and new, together will not impact the process control of the tank solution. However, do not interchange the parts A, B, or C of Developer Replenisher LORR with the new LU Developer Replenisher LORR when mixing a new replenisher mix. NOTICE: Interchanging old and new chemistry parts (A, B or C) can cause a process quality control problem.
This new low utilization developer is great news. However, my film processor uses SM chemicals. Will there be an improved SM F1 Processing Unit that will alleviate the low-utilization issues that I am experiencing?
Kodak is refining the formulation of an improved developer for the SM F1 Processing Unit, and that product is estimated to be available later in 2009.
Is KODAK FLEXICOLOR LU Developer Replenisher LORR environmentally friendly?
Yes. Although a competitor recommends a significant increase in replenishment rates for its low-utilization products, KODAK FLEXICOLOR LU maintains the same low replenishment rates as the product it replaces, standard FLEXICOLOR LORR. (In both products, LORR represents LOw Replenishment Rates). LORR’s lower replenishment rates, combined with the elimination of potential solution changes in the developer tank, using the new LU product, will result in a smaller quantity of effluents released into the waste stream. Also, because you are mixing developer replenisher chemistry less often, the quantity of packaging material you discard will be significantly reduced.