KODAK FLEXICOLOR LU Developer Replenisher LORR

Designed for minilab and other lower-volume film processing customers

Kodak is pleased to announce new KODAK FLEXICOLOR LU Developer Replenisher LORR (LU stands for Low Utilization). FLEXICOLOR LU Developer Replenisher LORR is formulated to extend the stability of the mixed developer tank and replenisher solutions up to two times under low film throughput (low utilization) conditions.

As film processing volumes have declined substantially in recent years, many, if not most, minilabs are processing fewer films per week than required to maintain consistent processing quality. The consequence can be decreased contrast and high minimum densities (D-min) in the film resulting in poor print quality - even when printed on digital printers. To maintain consistent process quality under these conditions, the process developer solutions must be partially or completely replaced as frequently as weekly or monthly.

With up to a 2x extended life for developer tank and replenisher solutions using FLEXICOLOR LU Developer Replenisher LORR, there can be significant reduction for labor and developer chemical costs for making process corrections or mixing new developer solutions. Savings of up to 73% of developer costs can be realized, depending upon the processor size and level of low film throughput.


  • Mixed solutions are stable for up to twice as long
    • Minimizes the need to replace developer solutions
    • Restores processed print quality to levels realized under higher-utilization conditions
  • The conversion process is mistake-free
    • No need to change replenishment rates
    • Use LU Developer ‘on top’ of existing solutions
    • Or replace tank solution for complete immediate effect
      - Use of starter solution is required
  • Environmentally-friendly
    • Existing replenishment rates are maintained (no increase in processor effluents)
    • Tank solution replacements are minimized
    • Reduction in number of mixes results in less packaging material to the waste stream
  • Economical
    • Significantly reduces annual developer solution costs by eliminating the need for routine tank solution replacements or modification, depending upon the processor size and film throughput

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