KODAK FLEXICOLOR Chemicals for Minilabs
(Processes C-41RA, C-41B, C-41SM)

There are three basic processing cycles for processing all color negative films in minilabs—all with washless options. The description of the three cycles will help you decide which matches your particular processor and processing conditions.

Process C-41RA

C-41RA film cycle is designed for RA (rapid access) minilab equipment. This washless cycle has unique bleach and fixer formulations that shorten your process time, giving faster access to processed film.

  • Shortest film process cycle
  • Can be used for processing all color negative films
  • Supplied in convenient, easy-to-mix kit sizes
  • Color and shape-coded chemicals that aid solution choice, minimize mixing errors, and save time

Sell Sheet (PDF)

Processing (Z) Manual:

Process C-41B

Originally designed for C-41B minilab equipment, this process has a longer bleach and fix time and an overall longer process time compared to Process C-41RA.

  • Easy-to-mix liquid kits with color-coded cases, bottle labels, and caps to minimize expensive mixing errors
  • Designed for minilabs with longer cycles times for the bleach and fixer steps
  • Plumbed and washless versions

Sell Sheet (PDF)

Processing (Z) Manual:

Process C-41SM

Uses the same process cycle as C-41RA, but is designed with “thin tank” technology for smaller tank volumes, reducing processing variability in low utilization conditions. Also, the replenishment system is designed specifically for KODAK SM Chemical Products.

  • Cartridge delivery — Specially designed liquid concentrate packages install directly on processor — no mixing required
  • No replenisher mixing — saves time, less labor required, less training, no mixing errors

Sell Sheet (PDF)

Processing (Z) Manual:

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