Kodak Document Conversion Centres are selected independent Service Bureaux committed to offering the highest level of service in document management, microfilming and scanning.

Production operations are supported by Kodak technical staff and output quality is regularly monitored by Kodak against a worldwide benchmark incorporating all relevant International Standards.

Continuing accreditation is dependent upon this benchmark being consistently met or exceeded.

Customers of Document Conversion Centres qualify automatically for the Kodak Disaster Recovery Programme.

Company: ALPHA COM Sachsen GmbH
Location: Dresden
WWW: www.alpha-com-sachsen.de

Company: MIKRO-Univers GmbH
Location: Berlin
WWW: www.mikrounivers.de

Company: Tropper Data Service GmbH
Location: Neuenhagen
WWW: www.tropper.de

Company: IOS GmbH
Location: Schwarzenbek
WWW: www.iosonline.de

Company: Microdata GmbH
Location: Hamburg
WWW: www.mdat.com

Company: DOS Dokumenten Systeme GmbH
Location: Lauenau
WWW: www.dos-dokumenten-systeme.de

Company: Behrens & Schuleit GmbH
Location: Düsseldorf
WWW: www.scanservice.de

Company: dms Document Management Service GmbH
Location: Dortmund
WWW: www.dms-dortmund.de

Company: Ratiodata IT-Lösungen & Services GmbH
Location: Münster
WWW: www.ratiodata.de

Company: Ratiodata IT-Lösungen & Services GmbH
Location: Köln
WWW: www.ratiodata.de

Company: Ulshöfer IT GmbH + Co
Location: Rosbach v. d. Höhe
WWW: www.ulshoefer.de

Company: H.E. Keller GmbH
Location: Ditzingen
WWW: www.keller-online.com

Company: ALPHA COM Deutschland
Location: Hamburg
WWW: www.aplpha-com.de

Company: Scanpoint Europe GmbH
Location: Waldbronn
WWW: www.scanpoint.de

Company: MFM Dipl.-Ing. Dietrich Hofmaier GmbH & Co
Location: München
WWW: www.mfm.de

Company: mdn Hübner GmbH
Location: Nürnberg
WWW: www.mdn.de

Company: MTM Dokument-Management
Location: Zirndorf
WWW: www.mtm-dms.de

Company: b u. s microfilmdienst gmbh
Location: Köln
WWW: www.microfilmdienst.de