Using a Kodak picture maker

A picture kiosk, like the KODAK Picture Maker, is a great tool for the scrapbooker, especially if you're going back in time and need a second print, never made prints from your slides, or if your pictures need a little help, like red-eye removal.

Different size prints for fun pages
Using the KODAK Picture Maker, you can get different size prints from the same original, or you can print different multiple pictures per page. So why not choose one special photo as a 5 x 7-inch "main attraction," then surround it with several other wallet-size prints from the same occasion?

Try black & white for an old-time look
Need an old-fashioned look? Would a monochromatic picture create the elegance and emotion you are looking for? Black-and-white photography is enjoying a revival as a creative medium. Why not give it a try and select "black-and-white" or "sepia" for your color setting?

Kaleidoscope pages
With six or eight (or even more) prints from the same picture, you can create a round kaleidoscope page. This is an especially fun technique for colorful pictures that can be angled so that they are connected to each other. Measure and cut each photo so they become a piece of pie. You can round off the outer edge for a flower look, or cut the outer edge at a different angle for a pinwheel effect.