Use your vacation photos to relive that great getaway. Bring together your colorful photos and accents to showcase the theme of your vacation.
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What You’ll Need
5-10 Vacation pictures
Plain paper
Patterned paper
Rub on words
Black marker
Adhesive (glue or foam tape)

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Collect Vacation Photos
Make different-sized prints of 5-10 favorite vacation photos.
Collect Reminders of Your Vacation
Gather things you collected from your vacation (like shells, postcards, matchbooks). Find colorful accents that coordinate with the theme of your vacation.
TIP: If you can’t find a sun embellishment that you like, create one using different sized swirl stickers. The swirl stickers are placed around a larger swirl sitting on a punched yellow circle.
Create a visually appealing arrangement
Arrange photos, souvenirs and accents together.
TIP: When placing multiple photos on a page, a geometric pattern helps keep the arrangement visually pleasing. Also be aware of the pattern created by the negative space around the photos for a good looking result.
Add Interactive Elements
Add interactive elements to some pages to really draw the reader in. One page the sample layout includes a 4 x 6" photo that embellishes the cover of a card. When opened, the card reveals an additional cropped photo and journaling with fish stickers suspended in the middle.
TIP: an interactive element on the page is fun for kids (and adults) to open to see the surprise inside.
Make the card
1.    For the card cover, fold a piece of cover stock, making sure that the folded size will accommodate your photo.
2.    Fasten the photo to the front cover.
3.    Cut the inside card one quarter inch smaller than the cover. Accordion fold it into quarters and cut a square out of the middle section.
4.    Sandwich thread between mirror image fish stickers (sticky sides together) and tape them so they hang in the square opening and dangle freely. (The thread is taped to the inside of the accordion card so it doesn't show.)
5.    Attach a cropped photo to the top section of the inside card.
6.    Apply adhesive to the back side of the first and fourth section of the card and place it inside the cover, allowing an eighth inch border to show on all edges.
7.    Attach the interactive card onto the scrapbook page.
8.    Include some highlights of the vacation in handwritten journaling - years from now you'll be glad you did.