Use digital images to capture how you achieved your goals throughout the year by featuring them in a yearly scrapbook. Show how you lost weight, added an addition to your home or learned how to paint.
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What You’ll Need
Pulp scrapbook
Rub-on letters
"2007" rubber stamps
Foam adhesive
Photos (reduced at a KODAK Picture Kiosk
Watermark ink pad
Pen or marker

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Create a Title Page
A title page is a fun way to tell your reader what to expect inside your scrapbook. The title should reflect the goals you hope to achieve.
Add a Table of Contents
A Table of Contents is a smart start to any scrapbook. Organize the book into main sections with labels for each resolution. Use colorful tag stickers to accent each section.
TIP: To turn a sticker into a printed die cut, use baby powder. First, place foam tape on the back of the sticker, leaving the protective top layer. Then brush on the powder. Once the sticker adhesive is nullified, remove the top from the tape, and stick the tag onto the page. The foam lifts the tag for extra dimension!
Record Your 2007 Resolutions
New Years resolutions are a fitting topic for the first layout! Reduce featured photos in size at a local KODAK Picture Kiosk. Label each page with rub-on words, stickers and handwriting.
TIP: Does your scrapbook have either wire or ring binding? Perfect! Take advantage of this convenient feature by attaching colorful accents like ribbon or a metal tag.
TIP: Use rubber stamps and a watermark inkpad to turn plain yellow background paper into patterned paper. In this example '2006' is stamped repeatedly across the double-page spread to create a subtle impression - the perfect background for a scrapbook page!