Scrapbook Photo Ideas

A great scrapbook starts with great pictures. Not only do you want sharp, vibrant pictures for your scrapbook, but interesting, engaging shots.

Here are some picture taking ideas that will make your scrapbook fun and memorable.

Take pictures of signs
Look for signs around the area you are visiting. Whether you are at a historical monument, strawberry patch or amusement park, pictures of signs make great intros to your story.
If there aren’t any signs, like out on the beach... try making your own. Write in the sand or even on a piece of paper and have someone hold it.
Remember the cuisine
Food is such a fun part of traveling and get togethers, be sure to take pictures of the food you eat and the restaurants you visit.
Zoom in on the plate or capture your companions enjoying their fare.
Look for the opportunity under your feet
Sometimes interesting shots are right under your feet! Look out for landmarks, artwork and signs on the ground. Taking pictures of your feet at these spots is way of capturing an alternative viewpoint of your experiences.
Get close
Close-up pictures of items add interest to your scrapbook and help you remember the details.
Often times we overlook small things, but by moving in you can capture a whole new world.
Interact with your environment
You and your subjects don’t have to pose with your arms hanging by your side. Take advantage of your surroundings and interact with what is at hand. You will have a fun picture and you will remember the moment.