Create a gorgeous display of your nearest and dearest for your next family gathering.
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What You'll Need:
Pictures of your family members
Colorful paper
Coordinating ribbon
Hole punch
A branch, tree or other item to display your photo leaves
Family Tree Template

time to complete
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How to Make it:

Map out your family
Start at the top, with your great-grandparents or great-great-grandparents, and work your way down, noting the family members at each generation level.
Search for your pictures
Ask family members to help you find snapshots for your display. You might want to keep things consistent by using baby pictures to indicate each birth, and wedding pictures to indicate marriages. Make copies of the originals to use in your project.
Create your leaves
Use our template or take a leaf from a favorite tree and copy its shape. Print out the leaves on colorful paper.
Add your photos
Cut the pictures into oval shapes that fit inside the leaves. Glue the photos to the leaves, and use the hole punch to make a hole near the “stem” of each leaf. Then, simply string the ribbon through and tie it into a loop.
Assemble your tree
Hang the leaves on a branch or tree to display them. You can mix and match your relatives, or arrange it so each “branch” of your family gets its own branch, like a traditional family tree.
Variation: Use photo leaves to direct guests to the proper tables at a large celebration, like a wedding, a reunion or a bar or bat mitzvah. Put a photo of each guest on one side and the table name or number on the other.