Remember every guest at your next special event with this unique keepsake.
What You'll Need:
Digital camera
Photo printer and paper
Photo-safe adhesive
Colorful note cards
Pens or markers

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Get your pics
Ask a friend or family member to serve as photographer, snapping shots of guests as they arrive.
Ask them for their autographs
Hand each guest a note card and a pen, and let them share their favorite quote or another special message.
Pair them up
Have your friend print out your guests’ images and pair them with the note cards. Use photo-safe adhesive to bind them together.
TIP: KODAK EasyShare Printer Docks make for easy anytime, anywhere picture printing.
Preserve the memories
Put the cards in an archival-quality scrapbook, so you can reminisce about the people who made your day special.