Have a little fun with the invitations to your next party and let guests piece together the details!
What You'll Need:
A party-themed image
Blank puzzle forms (available at craft stores)
Craft knife

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Variation: The photo puzzle can make a great gift for a loved one—or an ideal way to announce big news, like an engagement or a new baby.
Find a great picture.
Look for an image that captures the spirit of your party: A game token for a “game night” party, or a vintage photo of a birthday boy or girl who’s turning 40. If the photo isn’t available digitally, scan it into your computer, then crop and edit it to suit your needs.
Add the details.
Compose your party info: date, time, location, theme and RSVP phone number or e-mail address. To add the info to your invitation, you can either download the image to your favorite photo editing software to superimpose the text over it, or print out the text separately.
Assemble the invitation.
Print out the picture and wording, and spread a thin layer of glue over the entire back of the invitation. Place the invitation carefully onto the puzzle form. If you aren’t able to superimpose the text on the photo, print it out separately, then glue it on top of the image, taking care not to obscure the photo subject. Be sure to let the glue dry completely.
Cut the pieces apart.
Flip the puzzle over and carefully cut along the edges of each puzzle piece with your craft knife, making sure to cut completely through the paper.
Get it ready to ship.
Take apart the puzzle pieces, seal them into an envelope, then send your puzzles out to your guests.