Share a little bit of yourself in the next gift you give with this special coupon book.
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What You'll Need:
Metal ring
Hole punch
Photographs (optional)
Downloadable templates:
Coupon Book
Coupon Book with Photos
Cover Page
Blank coupon

time to complete
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How to Make it:

Download and print coupon templates
Download our Coupon Book template of classic coupons, which includes coupons for one night of babysitting, five dog walks, one romantic dinner, a day of yard work, a relaxing massage, and a blank fill-in-your own.
VARIATION: To add a personal touch, add photos. Use the Coupon Book with Photos template with pictures appropriate for each "gift". Or, if your crafty and want to create coupons from scratch, gather your favorite photographs, scrapbook paper, stickers and other decorations to build special offers for your loved ones.
TIP: For best results, print templates on heavy weight paper, such as KODAK Premium Photo Paper in Matte finish.
Create custom coupons (optional)
To create your own coupons - one treat at the ice cream parlor, a day at the spa, a night out to see a play - whatever gift your recipient will enjoy, download the cover template and blank template . Print as many blank templates as needed for the "gifts" you would like to give. Fill in the "gifts" you want to offer in the coupon book.
Make your book
Cut the coupons from the templates. If adding photos, attach the pictures to the design with glue or double sided tape. Stack the coupons in the order you’d like them placed, then punch a hole through them all. Run the ring through the hole, making it easy for the person to look through them and pull out the one they want to "cash in."