Impress your guests with drink umbrellas made with your own photos.
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What You'll Need:
favorite photos
transparent tape
glue stick
wood kabob skewers
craft knife
poster putty

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:




Print your photo out as 5 x 7 and draw a circle onto the photo about 4.5 inches across and cut the circle out.

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Snip a slice from the edge of the circle directly to the center.

step 2 image



Roll the edges of the cut over one another to create a cone shape and tape on the inside.

step 3 image



Glue the outside flap of the cone down with the glue stick.

step 4 image



Mark off 8 inches on a wood kabob skewer and score at the mark with the craft knife. Snap the skewer at the score mark.

step 5 image



Roll a small piece of poster putty into a ball and place it in side the cone.

step 6 image



Press the end of the wood skewer into the poster putty to secure the skewer to the cone.

step 7 image



Your drink umbrella is ready for the party!

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