Turn your favorite photos into decorative lanterns perfect for decorating a party or summer event.
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What You'll Need:
favorite photos printed at 8 ½ x 11
photo lantern template
transparent tape

time to complete
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How to Make it:




Start with a 8 ½ x 11 print of a favorite picture. Print out the photo lantern template as a guide.

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Place your photo and template together, fold on the template fold line and cut where indicated on the template.

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Remove the template and you will have the lantern and two extra strips.

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Roll the lantern body into a cylinder and tape the top and bottom tabs to the other side. These spots are marked on the template with stars.

step 4 image



Slightly bend each piece of the lantern where it meets the top section outward.

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Use one of the extra strips to create a handle for the lantern. Tape each end of the strip to the inside of the top of the lantern.

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Your photo lantern is complete! Make several and hang them from trees or a patio roof.

Note: These lanterns are not safe for actual lit candles. They are for decorative purposes only.

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