Give the novel readers in your life a fun bookmark to mark their spot when reading. The special design of this bookmark keeps it securely in place and their favorite person will be peeping out from the pages of their book.
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What You'll Need:
a favorite photo of a whole person
strong, flat magnets
transparent tape

time to complete
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How to Make it:




Choose a picture of a person for the bookmark that includes their entire figure from head to toe. A front on shot works best.

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For a bookmark with a blank back skip this step. If you would like to have the subject on the back of the bookmark also, open the image in a photo editing application, duplicate it, flip it for a mirror image and print it out.

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For a blank back bookmark, add a blank piece of paper to the photo of the figure and cut the figure out on both sheets. Leave the space between the legs. For the bookmark with a front and back, cut the figures out separately. Again, leave the space between the legs.

step 3 image



Now flip both sides of the bookmark over so they are photo side down. Place a magnet at the bottom of each figure and tape it in place. Make sure the magnets are taped down so that they attract one another, not repel.

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Add glue to the back side of the upper one third of one of the figures. Then place each side of the bookmark together, back to back.

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Allow the glue to dry. To use, place a side of the bookmark on each side of the page you want to mark in a book and allow the magnets to hold it in place.

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