Add a personal touch to a potted plant or flowers with photo plant stakes. They brighten up your home or make a special gift.
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What You'll Need:
floral wire
favorite photos
potted plant

time to complete
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How to Make it:

Print your picture twice onto photo paper, or use two copies of the same print.
Draw the same sized circle onto each copy of the picture. Cut each circle out.
Glue the two pictures together, back to back with the top of a piece of floral wire in between.
Allow the glue to dry, then poke the bare end of the wire into the dirt of the potted plant. Adjust how deep you insert the wire for a desired height of your picture.
Variation: Use two different photos for each side of a photo stake for a different view from the front or back. Make several photo stakes that relate to each other and group them with one plant.