Keep track of your family’s busy schedules with this easy-to-build book.
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What You'll Need:
A 3-ring binder
3-hole punch
Page Design templates: cover design 1, cover design 2, or cover design 3, Family Tracker page, Friend Tracker page, Must-Have Numbers page, Favorite Recipe page

time to complete
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How to Make it:

Create your pages
Print out our templates - you’ll need one Family Tracker page per person in your family; three friends fit on each Friend Tracker page. Choose a cover for the binder. Select from three cover designs – cover design 1, cover design 2, or cover design 3.
Write in the information
Fill in the details for every person you’ll include.
Build your book
Compile the tracker sheets in an order that makes sense to you, and include other essential information: your kids’ sports and school schedules, a calendar of the month’s events, or even a few go-to recipes for dinners on the run – with our Favorite Recipes template. Use the divider tabs to make it easy to jump right to a particular type of information.
Take it with you
Keep your binder handy so you’ll have all the information you need right at your fingertips.
TIP: Print extra copies of the templates and fill them out to give to family, friends, and the babysitter so they have all your important information handy also.