Memories are precious
And some memories are so precious they deserve to be kept in a special place. This attractive box is not only a great way to do just that, but it makes for a truly personalized gift!
What You'll Need:
5 x 7” print of your favorite baby picture
Shaped cardboard box with a lid large enough to fit a 5 x 7” enlargement
Enough fabric to cover the lid and the entire box
Double-sided tape
Decorative trim

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Make a 5 x 7” print
Print a 5 x 7” picture or make an enlargement of an existing snapshot.
TIP: Whether printing at home, at the store, or ordering prints online, KODAK has many printing options to meet all your needs.
Cut fabric for lid
Measure enough fabric to cover the box lid, then center the fabric over the lid. Next, center your picture on the fabric and trace around the picture with the pencil. Cut out the traced area of the fabric.
Attach your picture
Place double-sided tape on the back of the picture and attach it to the center of the lid. Tape the fabric to the lid, making sure that the picture shows fully through the cut opening.
Trim excess fabric from lid
Turn the lid over and trim away excess fabric – do this by folding the fabric over the sides of the lid and making sure there’s enough fabric to attach to the inside lip of the box lid. Cut away all extra fabric.
Wrap lid with fabric
Line the inside edge of the lid with double-sided tape. Wrap the fabric over the edge and press gently to attach. Do this one side at a time to minimize wrinkles or creases. Flip the lid over and glue decorative trim on the edges around the picture.
Cut fabric for box, then wrap
Measure and cut a strip of fabric long enough to wrap the entire outside of the box with a 1” overlapping seam. The strip should be wide enough to allow an extra inch of fabric at both the top and bottom of the box. Wrap the box with fabric and glue the seam.
Tape and fold fabric over
Run a strip of double-sided tape around the inside of the box, about 1” down from the top edge. Fold the extra inch of fabric over and press firmly to tape, being careful to avoid wrinkles or creases. Turn the box over, and run a strip of tape around the bottom, about 1” from the edge. Fold the extra fabric over and affix to the tape.
Cover bottom of box
Trace the bottom of the box on the fabric. Cut the piece out and glue to the box’s bottom, carefully matching the edges of the fabric with the edges of the box.
Add finishing touches
Embellish the rest of the box as you wish.
TIP: As your child grows, create a memory box for each age (1, 2, 3, etc.) or each stage (Baby, Toddler, Pre-school, etc.).