Label the books in your personal library with bookplates featuring a picture of you! These also make great gifts for book collectors.
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What You'll Need:
photo of the book owner
inkjet paper
an inkjet printer
photo bookplate template
plain bookplate template
glue stick

time to complete
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How to Make it:




Download the photo bookplate template here.Photo Bookplates PDF If you don’t want to add a photo use the plain bookplate template. Plain Bookplates PDF

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If you have a photo editing application, use it to add the book owner photo to the bookplates and then print the bookplates out on an inkjet printer. If you do not have a photo editing application, print the blank bookplates, cut your photos to size and glue to the bookplates.

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Cut the bookplates out and glue to the inside cover of your book. Write in the book owners name under the picture if you desire.

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