Craft a customized version of this classic game for your favorite child.
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What You'll Need:
15 favorite images
Photo paper
Patterned paper
Glue or spray adhesive

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Get your pictures ready
Find images of people, places and things that would interest your child. Choose images with the same alignment so your cards look consistent. Make two 4 x 6 copies of every image you selected.
Create the card backs
Look for a pretty patterned paper to use as a backing, or scan a sheet of gift wrap or fabric to create your own paper. Make sure you have enough paper to back 30 4 x 6 cards.
Glue them together
Use spray adhesive or a thin layer of glue to attach the photos to the patterned paper. Trim off any overlapping edges.
Start playing
Shuffle the cards and place them face down in rows. Players take turns turning two cards up to try to make pairs. If a pair is made, the player collects both matching cards and takes another turn. If the cards don’t match, they turn them back over and end their turn. The player with the most pairs wins!