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Hidden Gems of EasyShare Software
Whether you are organizing, editing, sharing or using your creative talents, we've got a tip for you.
Kodak EasyShare Software
Here are ten tips to enhance your experience with Kodak EasyShare Software. Each tip has pictures illustrating the tip in action and instructions detailing the tip.
Editing Digital Pictures
Be creative. Improve your pictures dramatically in as little as one-click!.
Cropping a Picture
Explore our three options that allow you to easily crop your pictures online, at home, or at the store
Removing Red Eye
Do you have a picture where glowing red eyes make your subject look possessed? You can easily make that picture great by eliminating the red eye.
Restoring a Damaged Picture
Do you have pictures in need of repair? Creased, torn, stained or scratched? View our photo-editing software tips to repair those photographs!
Picture-editing Software
Celebrate your life in pictures with KODAK EASYSHARE Software – the simplest way to organize, print, share and get creative.