Giving your camera a check-up

Don't just stuff your camera in the suitcase and think you're ready to create memorable photos of your vacation. Before you leave, follow these few steps to increase your chances of bringing home some true Kodak moments.
Test pictures
Snap a few pictures and review them on your computer to make sure they look okay. Colors should be natural and the pictures should be sharp.
Put fresh batteries in your camera and pack a fresh set of backup batteries and a battery recharger so you never miss a shot. It's a fast and convenient way to charge your batteries when traveling. Remember, a digital camera can drain battery power quickly.
If you're going overseas, buy the right power source adapter for your camera. Check out the KODAK EASYSHARE Travel Kit for most EASYSHARE CX and DX Digital Cameras. It includes several international plugs as well as a camera bag, battery pack, and charger.
If your camera accepts accessory lenses, tuck them and the lens adapter into your camera bag. They greatly increase your ability to handle the many photo opportunities you'll encounter.
Keep a lens pen or a soft cloth handy—and clean your lens daily. Use the KODAK Lens Pen especially if you have little "helpers" handling your camera. One end removes fingerprints, smudges, and grease marks with ease. The other end has a retractable brush for removing dust particles.
Never wipe a dry lens or use alcohol or chemically treated eyeglass cleaners, which could ruin the surface of your camera lens.
Picture cards
Empty your picture cards before you pack. You'll want all the memory capacity you can get. Take enough cards to capture about 100 pictures per week. Depending on the camera, a 128 MB or 256 MB memory card should give you plenty of room to take lots of pictures. But it's always a good idea to bring along a spare card, so you'll be prepared if something happens to one card, or you want to take more pictures. If a higher capacity card cuts into the vacation budget too much, borrow from your friends and neighbors.
Photo checklist for a trip
Here's a short checklist to make sure you pack all the supplies and camera accessories you'll need:
Camera bag to protect camera from bumps and drops
Picture cards for about 100 pictures a week (about 128 MB and maybe a backup 64 MB card)
Fresh Ni-MH or Li-Ion batteries and a set of backups
Battery charger (if you use rechargeable batteries)
Telephoto and wide-angle lenses for zooming in and out (if your camera accepts accessory lenses)
KODAK Lens Pen or lens cleaning solution and photographic lens tissue
Camera manual for reference
A one-time-use camera or two for panoramic shots, beach use, or emergency backup
Tripod (optional)
A notebook to keep track of the pictures