Getting prints of digital pictures

Within seconds of reading this, you can start creating beautiful photographic prints from your digital pictures. You can do it at home, at a store, or have somebody else do it for you. Whichever way you choose, prints from digital pictures can have the Kodak quality you've come to expect.

Not only can you make superb prints, you can do much more. Album pages, scrapbook designs, and framed enlargements all await your digital pictures.

Here are three ways to create prints from your digital pictures.

Order prints from an online photo service
Without ever leaving your home, you can get beautiful traditional photo prints of your digital pictures from an online photo service. You simply transfer (upload) pictures from your computer to the online photo service. This typically takes about a minute per picture. They will be displayed in an online album that shows the pictures at thumbnail size. Using an online order form, you indicate the pictures to print and the print size.

Many services even provide online editing software should you want to make a few last minute improvements to your pictures. Your prints will then be sent to your home. What could be easier?

KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery, a Kodak company, offers these online photo services. So do a variety of retail stores who use the Kodak picture center online service.

Make prints yourself using a Kodak picture maker
You can make your own exquisite photo prints by using a Kodak picture maker. It's a walk-up kiosk about the size of an ATM. The kiosks are in thousands of stores. How do you use one? You insert your camera's picture card, a CD, or a diskette holding your pictures. It can even scan your negative or print if you don't have a digital file.

Using the touch screen monitor, you select the pictures you want to print. You can add fancy borders and text messages, zoom, crop or enlarge your pictures, remove red eye, and more. Choose the print size. In just minutes, a superb print, created by you, will be in your hands. To find one near you or learn more, visit the Kodak picture maker Web site.

Print your photos your way on Kodak inkjet photo paper
Are you eager to turn your pictures into beautiful prints minutes after taking them? You can. Print them at home or on your inkjet printer. Just put any KODAK Inkjet Photo Paper into your printer, and in a few minutes an amazing quality photo print will be in your hands.

Your print will look just like a traditional photograph. All KODAK Inkjet Photo Papers have been tested and proven to work with nearly every inkjet printer sold. So you can be sure they'll create great prints with your inkjet printer.