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CD Jewel Case Index Prints, v3.0 LA and all LP based products
v. 3.0
Supported Languages:
 Windows  Jewel_IP_v3.exe1.44 MB
v. 3.0
Supported Languages:
 Windows  Jewel_IP_v3_ReleaseNotes.pdf9.1 Kb
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About CD Jewel Case Index Prints
This download is for use with:
QSS 2721/2711 with DLS 3.0 LA
QSS 2921/2911 with DLS 3.0 LA and 2.0 LP
QSS 3011/3010 with DLS 1.2 LP and 2.1 LP
QSS 32xx/33xx with DLS LP System Software
Index prints designed to fit in the front cover of a CD-ROM jewel case are provided in four sizes:
3.25” x 4.78”
3.50” x 4.78”
4.00” x 4.78”
4.78” x 4.78”
The CD Jewel Case Index Prints are an addition to DLS Software and do not replace any existing index prints. All four new sizes are installed on your DLS Software enabled system. Selection of the default index print size is required during installation. Thereafter, the selected size will print for every CD made. The CD Index Print Selection utility, located within the Windows Start/Programs menu, is used to select a different CD index print size. Changing the selection will require a DLS Software restart.