Creating an address book in EASYSHARE Software

Your KODAK EASYSHARE Digital Camera makes it easy to e-mail digital pictures without worrying about the file size. Before you can e-mail pictures, you should use EASYSHARE Software for:
Setting up an address book
Sending addresses to your camera
What you'll need
E-mail address of friends and family
Digital camera

Setting up an address book

1 - Open KODAK EASYSHARE Software.

2 - In My Collection, choose Tools then Address Book. The Address Book window appears.

3 - Click New. The New Contact window appears.

4 - In the New Contact window, type a valid e-mail address in the Email address field. A valid e-mail address includes a name, the @ symbol, domain, and suffix (ex:

5 - In the Camera nickname field, designate a nickname for the e-mail address ("Jane"). If you do not put in a nickname, you cannot copy the address to your camera. You can also fill in the optional fields.

6 - To save the contact information, click the OK button at the bottom of the window.

7 - To close the Address Book, click Done.


Sending addresses to your camera

1 - Connect your camera to your computer and turn on the camera. If the Transfer window appears, close it.

2 - On your desktop, double-click the KODAK EASYSHARE icon.

3 - In My Collection, choose Tools > Address Book.

4 - On the Address Book bar, click Get from Camera. The addresses on the camera are displayed.

5 - As needed, add contacts to the list, edit the nicknames or addresses, and remove a contact from the list.

6 - In the Send to Camera column, select the checkbox for each contact you want to send to the camera.