Top 10 Tips for Getting started with ESSW


Computer, camera a nd pictures


Here are ten tips to enhance your experience with Kodak EasyShare Software.



My Collection Tab

The My Collection tab is a centralized location to view all of your pictures. EasyShare software offers many tools to help you stay organized.

Albums are connected to a database that allows you to virtually copy your images into multiple locations while still keeping the original file in one location on your hard drive.

Calendar view allows you to organize your pictures by date so that you can find images from specific occasions and times easily.

Tags are keywords, such as family member names or events, that can help you label pictures so that you can easily surf through your entire collection to find specific pictures quickly.

Star ratings allow you to mark your favorite pictures making finding them at a later time a snap.


EasyShare software tab



Picture Tray

The picture tray is a critical tool that holds your pictures when navigating around EasyShare software.

Anytime you want to venture outside of the My Collection tab into any of the other tabs, you must select the pictures you want to work with and drag and drop them into the picture tray.


pictures in picture tray



Order Prints Online Tab

The Order Prints Online tab is the quickest and easiest way to order prints and enlargements from the Kodak Gallery.

You can select quantities and sizes of your photos before you even upload.

With a few quick clicks, you can order your prints and have them shipped directly to your house or choose to pick them up at a local retailer.


mailbox with picutes inside



Print at Home Tab

The Print at Home tab allows you to make prints using your personal printer. The tab lets you choose picture size, paper size and printer settings.

If you want to print more creative pieces with your pictures, then the Creative Projects tab is the place for you. The Print Cards at Home button offers a variety of templates for greeting cards, invitations and announcements.

You can download additional card templates by clicking the add more cards button at the top on the Creative Projects screen.


 Kodak printer



Creative Projects Tab

The Creative Projects tab offers you a variety of ways to do more with your pictures. Using the Gallery Cards and Gifts button, you can quickly upload your pictures to the Kodak Gallery to create photobooks, collages, mugs and many more personalized photo gifts.


pictures on mug, bag and photobook cover



Editing Pictures

EasyShare software has a variety of editing tools to help you improve the quality of your pictures.

The easiest and quickest edits to perform are the single click buttons such as red-eye and enhance.

If you are interested in more advanced editing, the scene balance menu allows you to manually adjust highlights, exposure, and shadows.

To be really creative with your photos, check out the scene effects and fun effects tools too!


picture showing editing of red eyes



Email Tab

The Email Tab offers you two different ways to share your pictures with family and friends.

The first setting allows you to attach your pictures to an email. This option should only be used when you want to send a couple of files to a friend.

The second setting allows you to publish an album to the Kodak Gallery. An email will be sent to your friends and family inviting them to view a slideshow of your pictures. This option should be used when you want to share many pictures.


image on computer screen of child showing an envelope for email



Latest Offers Button

In the My Collection tab of version 6.4 or higher, there is button labeled Latest Offers. This link will take you to a webpage at the Kodak Gallery where you can view all the exclusive promotions for EasyShare software users.

The Kodak Gallery provides online printing and sharing services through a secure web site. You can even create personalized photo gifts for that certain someone or the entire family!


photo books and cards



EasyShare Center Tab

The EasyShare center is an informational hub where you can find many resources for working with you pictures.

Every month, the center is updated with new tips, projects and educational content that will inspire your creative edge.

On a weekly basis, the center will display promotions with discounts on your favorite items at the Kodak Gallery and the Kodak Store.

No matter when you come to the center, there will always be links to the support center and links to animated demos that teach you more about the software.


welcome to kodak easyshare software center



Online Help

n many of the screens of the application, there is a question mark in the top right corner. This button will offer you helpful how-to information relevant to the section in which you are working.

If you want to see the full, online version of the EasyShare software online help, simply click Kodak EasyShare Help in the help menu.


computer screen with question marks