Top Ten Hidden Gems of Kodak EasyShare software


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Check out these hidden gems to make your experience with Kodak EasyShare software fun and easy.

Whether you are organizing, editing, sharing or using your creative talents, we’ve got a tip for you.



Tricks to stay organized

Your digital camera can talk with EasyShare software and trade valuable information such as time and date. Many Kodak digital cameras also have options to organize your pictures such as tags and ratings (favorites). EasyShare software makes sure that any information you add on the camera is stored on your PC.

Having the appropriate date and time set in your camera is essential when organizing your collection using calendar view, printing time/date stamps on images, or arranging your pictures in chronological order for a photo book or collage.


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EasyShare software has several ways to prevent and recover from mistakes.

Revert: If you have applied editing tools and decided that you do not want to keep any of them, then simply click the revert option.

Save: Click 'save' if you want your newly edited picture to replace the old version in your collection. You would probably choose this option if the editing you have performed is a basic improvement, such as removing red-eye.

Save as: This button will allow you to create a new file with the edited picture while still keeping the older version in your collection. Use this option if you are applying effects to your pictures such as cartooning or changing the picture's scene color.


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One click fixes all images

The auto enhance feature allows you to select multiple pictures and with a single click the software automatically adjusts the exposure and brightness of each individual picture.

These changes will be automatically saved and reflected in your picture collection.

Even if you are not the editing type, this one click feature is a tool that is simply irresistible.


before to after fixes



Saving hard drive space

Kodak EasyShare software uses albums opposed to the typical folder structure used by your operating system.

This is extremely helpful when organizing pictures. Photos can be shown in multiple albums without creating actual copies of your pictures.

Having pictures stored in just one place allows for minimal storage space on your hard drive.

Keeping the original files in one place and sharing them between different albums ensures that any editing or enhancement made to your picture is reflected in all locations where your picture is seen.


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Spotlight editing

The spotlight editing feature is a handy trick to highlight your focal point in a crowded image. The spotlight feature neutralizes and eliminates busy surroundings ensuring that your true subject is emphasized.


before and after highlighting



Publish my album online

Right click on any album you want to copy to Kodak Gallery. EasyShare software will copy all the pictures to the Gallery and use the same album name, preserve the order of the pictures, and copy any captions you've created for your pictures.

Each time you click express upload, any changes made to your EasyShare software albums will be synchronized to your Kodak Gallery albums. Only the changes will be uploaded to the Gallery to save time.

Once your pictures are in the Kodak Gallery, you can invite family and friends to view them, or create beautiful photo merchandise in just seconds.


computer images to Kodak Gallery



Scene effects

Love sunsets? Kodak EasyShare software offers an editing menu that allows you to apply different effects to your pictures.

The sunset effect intensifies the colors of your already beautiful sunset pictures to add an extra glow turning ordinary sunsets into extraordinary works of art.


before and after scene images



Electronic greeting cards

Short on time to send a greeting card for a very special occasion through the regular mail? Simply create a photo greeting card using the Creative Projects tab, save the image as jpeg, and use the email tab to send an electronic greeting card.

If the greeting card templates that come preinstalled in your software are not enough to choose from, you can download additional templates for free.


greeting cards



Locate pictures on computer

Trying to upload a picture to a blog or online auction website, but having trouble locating it on your computer? Simply right-click on the picture in EasyShare software and select the locate on computer option.

The software will open the exact folder where your original file is located, allowing you to quickly navigate to your desired photos.


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Oops, part 2

Ever go to find a picture for a creative project and wish that you hadnt cropped it so small months ago when you uploaded it? EasyShare software allows you to revert back to the original file that you transferred from you camera even if you saved over it.


picture corrections