PC Basics

Want to know the easiest way to create a folder? Does sending a picture with your e-mail have you stumped? If you are entering the world of digital photography but still need some help navigating through the computer, this collection of procedures is for you. Even if you are computer savvy, you may find some helpful procedures here, such as an easy way to create shortcuts or resize pictures.

With PC Basics, you get:
  • Printer-friendly versions: print out different chapters and read from the hardcopy rather than the monitor
  • Less confusion: screenshots let you know you’re on the right track
  • Quick and easy learning: go to any section to get the answers you want right away
  • Lots of information: covers frequently asked questions concerning computers and digital photography
PC Basics will help familiarize you with your computer so you can start having fun with your digital pictures. An easy-to-see large red cursor will guide you through the graphics pointing out the important elements in virtually every picture.
Select the operating system on your PC:

- WINDOWS 95/98/ME/2000