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Don't delete your album from the Gallery after emailing it

After you email an album to a friend, do not delete it from the KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery or your friend won't have anything to view. When you email an album, you send only a link to the album to your friend. The actual album is always at the Gallery as long as you don't delete it.

About the sky-cloud symbol

Has the sky-cloud symbol appeared on your camera's LCD? The meaning of the sky-cloud symbol depends on what you're doing. For instance:

  • If the sky-cloud symbol appears while you are online and browsing pictures in the Gallery with your KODAK EASYSHARE-ONE Camera, it means:
    • You are trying to view a video file on the Gallery. You can view video files only on your PC, not on your camera, or
    • You are looking at a picture for which the image data is not accessible from your camera. View this Gallery picture on your PC.

  • If you see this symbol frequently when using your Wi-Fi® connection, it may indicate a weak Wi-Fi signal. Move your camera closer to the Wi-Fi access point to improve the signal strength.
  • If your memory card contains a file format other than jpeg (.jpg), a sky-cloud symbol appears in place of a thumbnail.

Managing your Collection (Albums)

  • Place multiple pictures and videos in the drawer, a temporary location on your EASYSHARE-ONE Camera, to email, add to an album, edit, or change settings for multiple images at once. For example, when you touch the Favorite icon, , when the drawer is open, all the pictures and videos in the drawer are tagged as favorite.
  • Deleting a picture or video permanently removes it from the camera. Pressing the Delete button when the drawer is open permanently removes all the pictures and videos in the drawer from the camera.
  • To send pictures and videos directly to an album as you take them, click the Capture Album icon (lower right) in Capture mode.
  • To place all the images in the album into the drawer, click the + sign on the drawer.
  • To remove a picture or video from an album, select the picture or video, and press the Info button, , (located on the lower outside edge of the touchscreen display). Select the Albums tab and uncheck the checkmark from the album. Note that removing a picture or video from an album does not remove it from the camera.
  • To add a picture or video to an album, select the picture or video, and press the Info button, , (located on the lower outside edge of the touchscreen display). Select the Albums tab and check the box next to the album to which you want to add the picture or video.

More about your camera

  • Not sure if your mother closed her eyes when you took her picture? To check, press the Zoom Telephoto button to magnify the picture on the touchscreen display up to 8X.
  • When the Internet service, regional online picture service, or printer are not available, pictures tagged for emailing or printing are automatically placed in the outbox for future delivery. To purposely place pictures in the outbox, retract your Wi-Fi card before sending your pictures.
  • To email or print pictures from the outbox:
    • In View , press the Menu button, then select Outbox.
    • Select Email or Prints.
    • Connect to a Wi-Fi wireless network.
    • Touch the Wireless icon, , located on the bottom toolbar.
    • Select Send Email Order or Send Print Order.
    • Touch Done. Emails are sent to the recipient or the pictures are sent to the printer and are removed from the outbox.

  • What's that icon mean? Want more information about a picture or video? Just select the icon or picture and press the Info button, , located on the lower outside edge of the touchscreen display.
  • There are three ways you can navigate the options, pictures, icons and videos shown on the touchscreen:
    1. Use the 4-way controller.
    2. Use the stylus. Touch the touchscreen (once, not twice) to select an item.
    3. Use your finger. Touch the touchscreen (once, not twice) to select an item.

  • In capture mode, pictures and videos are saved on your memory card if one is inserted. If there is no memory card in the camera, pictures and videos are saved in internal memory.
  • Use high quality, newer media cards for best results. Video may not record on older, slower memory cards.
  • For large uploads and transfers, make sure that your battery is fully charged. Always keep a second battery fully charged and handy. Or consider purchasing an AC adapter as an accessory.

Using a Kodak partner hotspot

  • For high-speed wireless Internet access in convenient public locations, use the following links to find a hotspot for your area.
  • Your camera should automatically connect to open, unsecured hotspots. Your camera may not automatically connect to hotspots that require a user name, password, authentication, acceptance of terms, or conditions of use.
  • The EASYSHARE-ONE Zoom Digital Camera / 4 MP with Firmware v1.11 or greater and the EASYSHARE-ONE Zoom Digital Camera / 6 MP connect to hotspots that follow the WISPr guidelines. Check with your local hotspots to see if they follow WISPr. The following hotspot providers follow WISPr and are listed in the camera software:
    • AT&T / SBC
    • Boingo Wireless
    • BT (UK)
    • iPass
    • Orange (France)
    • Sprint
    • Telstra
    • T-Mobile (UK)
    • T-Mobile (US)
    • Wayport
    • Other (use this if the hotspot provider name is not shown).

Wi-Fi connection tips

For more detailed information about Wi-Fi, visit KODAK Wireless Imaging Support, (

  • If you do not see the expected network when scanning:
    • Change your location or move closer to the access point.
    • Make sure the network is broadcasting the SSID.
    • If you manually entered the network setting into a profile, make sure the setting exactly matches the setting for the network. Most settings are case-sensitive.

  • If you cannot connect to the network:
    • Check that the battery is not low or near exhaustion.
    • For secured networks, make sure that you correctly entered the security key. See your wireless router WEP or WPA settings.
    • Make sure that the network is using mixed mode or 802.11b mode. See your wireless router settings.
    • Make sure that your camera is set to the correct security type. The EASYSHARE-ONE Zoom Digital Camera / 6 MP and the EASYSHARE-ONE Zoom Digital Camera / 4 MP with Firmware v1.1 or greater support WEP security (64-bit or 128-bit), WPA PSK, WISPr, or no security. The EASYSHARE-ONE Zoom Digital Camera / 4 MP with Firmware v1.0 only supports WEP (64-bit or 128-bit) or no security. To upgrade your firmware version, see EASYSHARE-ONE Zoom Digital Camera / 4 MP Downloads and Upgrades.
    • Make sure that MAC filtering is not enabled. If it is enabled, make an entry for your camera's MAC address, which is shown on the KODAK WI-FI® Card.
    • For open (non-secured) and WEP networks, make sure that your wireless router is set to Open or Auto Authentication. The camera will not work with Shared Authentication.
    • Try resetting the access point.

  • If you can connect to the network but cannot email, upload, or view the Gallery:
    • Press the wireless icon, , on the bottom toolbar and verify that you are connected to the correct network. The network is displayed on the top.
    • Verify that your network has Internet connectivity and is functional. A good way to do this is to connect your PC to the Wi-Fi network and access an Internet Web site.
    • Make sure that you are not connected to an Ad Hoc network, such as the Kodak Device to Device network. Most Ad Hoc networks do not have Internet connectivity.

  • Make sure that you have a fully charged battery when using a Wi-Fi connection. Carry a spare battery with you.
  • Your camera works only with the KODAK SDIO WI-FI® Card packaged with your camera.

Docking and printing tips

  • The KODAK EASYSHARE Printer Dock Series 3 and the KODAK EASYSHARE Photo Printer 500 only support WEP (64-bit or 128-bit) or no security.
  • To charge the camera's battery on the camera dock or printer dock, make sure the display is in the open, not closed, position.
  • To transfer pictures from the printer dock, the camera must be in the open position.
  • If you have pictures in the outbox waiting to be printed, you may modify the print order before you print.
    • Press the Menu button.
    • Select Outbox.
    • Select Prints.
    • Press the OK button.

  • If you have pictures in the outbox waiting to be printed, print the pictures when you connect to a wireless printer or PC.
    • Press the wireless icon, , on the bottom toolbar.
    • Select Send Print Order.

  • To print burst pictures on a printer dock, transfer the pictures to your computer and print from the computer to the printer dock. You cannot print the burst images directly from the camera to the printer dock. Or create a print order on the memory card and print from the card.


  • The speed of transmission varies with file size and the speed of your Wi-Fi connection.
  • One minute (60 seconds) of video creates a file size of approximately 30 MB.
  • You may transfer any size file to the computer, but an upload to the EASYSHARE Gallery is currently limited to 15 MB (~30 seconds). To keep the file size less than 15 MB, make video recordings shorter than 30 seconds.