Material Safety Data Sheets for chemical products and Article Information Sheets, for items such as film, paper, and equipment, contain country specific regulatory information.
While Material Safety Data Sheets/Article Information Sheets may also be available for other products to provide guidance on their safe use and disposal, their existence does not imply that the product is subject to regulation as a chemical substance or mixture.
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3.    To find MSDS: Enter the catalog/reorder number (with no spaces or hyphens) or the partial/full product name obtained from product label in the appropriate search field. To find AIS: Enter the partial/full product name obtained from the product label in the Keyword search field. (DO NOT search by catalog/reorder number).
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Looking for a MSDS for film, paper or equipment?
Kodak photographic films, papers, and equipment do not require a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) / Safety Data Sheet (SDS), which are only required for chemical products. Under normal conditions photographic films, papers, and equipment do not pose a physical hazard or health risk. In response to customer needs, Kodak has created Article Information Sheets for films and papers.
Disposal of Photographic Films and Papers