Top 5 Benefits of Properly Organized and Secure Government Records

  • October 05, 2016

When it comes to records management and security, many government organizations are falling behind. The amount of government data is only increasing, and many agencies are not prepared to handle the growth. Additionally, agencies face stagnant or even shrinking budgets as they tackle their expanding collections.

The task may seem overwhelming, especially when dealing with physical and electronic formats at same time. Agencies are currently feeling the effects of widespread adoption of records digitization and electronic document management systems as well as pressing government modernization mandates.

It bears emphasizing the importance of proper storage and management of government records. Whether digital, physical or a combination of the two formats, they must be secured and preserved.

These are the top benefits an organized government record collection can bring to your agency:

  1. Comply with laws . Many Latin American governments have enacted laws that require the adoption of best records management practices, including records digitization. For example, Mexico issued federal guidelines for the creation and use of automated document management and control. In order to adhere to immediate and future compliance guidelines, agencies should prioritize the adoption of a digital records management system.

    However, government agencies still need to keep and maintain its original physical records even after transitioning paper-based workflows to digital. Under the law, some physical records can eventually be destroyed. An enterprise content management system (ECM) like Kodak DocIntelligence can track and state with authority when it's legally permissible to dispose of the original record.

  2. Operate more efficiently. Keeping well-organized records doesn't just satisfy the law, it also allows an agency to make faster and more efficient decisions. In many instances, government records (especially physical records) can be difficult to find. And due to lackluster security, they could be difficult to trust. By contrast, government workers can easily locate and retrieve the right information from an organized records collection.

    Furthermore, poor record control and surveillance can lead to misinformation, which can then lead to records being wrongfully changed. This opens the door to serious consequences like fraud and corruption.

  3. Better serve citizens . Just as with government workers, organized records lets citizens who request access do so more accurately and efficiently. Thankfully, document management software now allows citizen to access records without comprising security. This software, such as an ECM, ensures you let users see only what they should.

  4. Achieve accountability and transparency . Well-managed records not only serve citizens well, but also improve citizen trust in government. Records provide evidence of constituents' transactions, rights, entitlements and more. Citizens deserve access to proof of their rights. Unorganized records make it harder for citizens to claim financial, legal and other rights.

    Records also serve as evidence of government promises, what the government has done for its citizens and how it has spent public funds. Government records should be preserved and protected for their informational value because they serve as documentation for transaction of public business as well as policies, operations and other activities of the government.

  5. Drive economic progress . Keeping your records protected means unlocking the maximum potential value of information. As stated earlier, government works and citizens alike can find the information they need more easily, allowing them to conduct business more efficiently.

    Organized records can also be monetized. The ease of access to digital records is exceptionally fruitful for states, as citizens can easily search for the record they need and print a copy right there and then. As record retrieval becomes easier, citizens are more likely to enter such transactions, driving economic progress. We will cover records monetization in greater detail in a future blog post.

With the help of a trusted partner, your agency can properly organize and secure its records. Whether you need help managing your physical records or implementing an electronic document management system, Kodak Modernization Solutions can help. Request a briefing today. We will assess your unique situation and recommend the comprehensive records management plan that works best for your organization.