What is one of the most powerful tools in the industry? KODAK PRINERGY Workflow software. The industry's leading prepress automation software keeps costs, quality, and business risk in control giving you more freedom to grow your business.

  • Drives costs out of every core function - job creation, collaboration, file processing, trapping, proofing, imposition and color management
  • Reduces delays by identifying errors before they become rework
  • Delivers best-in class output quality

Stay on top of your game with PRINERGY Workflow - designed so you can easily expand capabilities as your business grows.

  • Modular and customizable - add printing automation capabilities as you need
  • Open infrastructure - integrates conventional and digital print production
  • Press compatibility - supports virtually all 3rd party press equipment in addition to KODAK
  • Fully integrated - integrated automation from the moment job is submitted to output
  • Configured industry solutions - Commercial and Packaging
  • Robust Digital capability

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Raising the Bar on Productivity

Latest Software Release Information

The latest release of PRINERGY Workflow raises the bar again. Fewer manual checks-more time-saving efficiency-and more reasons to trust PRINERGY Workflow as your production hub.

  • Quality assurance starts with Preflight+
  • Powerful Layered PDF Versioning (LPV)
  • The prepress hub for digital and hybrid digital-offset production



Do Even More with PRINERGY Workflow

Rules Based Automation (RBA)
Take costs saving and efficiency to the next level with Rules-Based Automation. RBA allows you to automate frequently performed tasks like existing manual events, business process, or daily step in your printing production workflow further eliminating errors, speeding processes, and lowering cost.

RBA is proven to drive results *

  • 10-20% increase in productivity with basic rules like automated preflight and auto-archiving
  • 30-60% reduction in prepress costs when used with PRINERGY and KODAK INSITE Software
  • 1-2% addition to profit margins*
* Based on studies of PRINERGY Workflow customers who have implemented RBA. Typical printer spending 3-4% of revenue on prepress labor and materials.

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KODAK PRINERGY Workflow is the world's leading production workflow system. The trusted production hub for commercial, packaging and publishing printers, its open infrastructure integrates conventional and digital print production, automates and optimizes file processing and production management, drives proofers, computer-to-plate devices and presses, and connects Kodak and third-party systems.
Packaging printing just keeps getting more competitive. You know what your business needs: more productivity, less waste, higher levels of service, quality and automation. KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions offers a single source for all your packaging workflow needs from file creation to final output.
Most prepress systems provide several ways to automate workflows. Concepts like workflow plans, smart hot folders, queue management, and automated imposition all allow for some level of automation. But KODAK PRINERGY Workflow Rules-Based Automation, an option for PRINERGY Software, offers truly intelligent automation.
Learn how to make your operations more efficient and productive with this exclusive white paper from InfoTrends and Kodak.
With more and more print buying shifting online, driving higher volumes of short-run work, there's never been a greater need for workflow automation. View this webinar to learn the top 10 reasons why workflow is a top investment priority for the future. Plus, hear how Amway, Cober Solutions and Cenveo are using KODAK PRINERGY Workflow and Rules-Based Automation Software to streamline labor-intensive processes and reduce production costs.


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