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Torino Polyclinic

Overview of Infoimaging in Healthcare:
Technology has changed almost every aspect of athletic training and competition since the beginning of the Modern Olympic Games in 1896. But today's digital medical technology will enable athletes competing in the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games to receive prompt diagnoses and care from remote locations.
With state-of-the-art digital medical imaging and information equipment from Eastman Kodak Company, for example, images of injured athletes are just a mouse click away from medical specialists in remote locations.

Infoimaging in Action
Here's how the infoimaging solution will work:
Kodak technology will enable radiologists at the Torino Polyclinic and two regional sites to send digital x-ray images, and other medical images and accompanying reports to specialists at area hospitals, which will assist in serving Olympic athletes and officials.
These systems will enable medical teams at three Olympic high-tech polyclinics in Torino, Sestriere, and a satellite facility in Bardonecchia, Italy to treat major injuries, as well as common muscle and ligament tears, for athletes from around the world.
A range of Kodak medical imaging and information solutions will help doctors capture, view, manage, print and archive patient medical images during the Games. These include:
Two KODAK DIRECTVIEW DR 9000 Systems that capture patient x-ray images digitally in seconds.
One KODAK DIRECTVIEW CR 975 System and two CR 850 systems that quickly and easily deliver exceptional image quality. The CR 975 is Kodak's top-of-the-line, multi-cassette computed radiography (CR) digital capture system.
KODAK CARESTREAM RIS (radiology information system) for managing the diagnostic exam process, and enabling fast and efficient storage, distribution and on-demand retrieval of a patient's entire radiology record to authorized users within the three interconnected polyclinics.
KODAK CARESTREAM PACS (picture archiving and communications system) for secure and immediate viewing of web-based, digital medical images and critical healthcare information by physicians and radiologists on special high-resolution monitors. Kodak's PACS also provides CD production capabilities to allow a flexible output of patient information to meet referring physicians' needs.
KODAK DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Systems for printing of digital x-ray exams to radiographic film for sharing with referring physicians or for archival purposes.
KODAK CARESTREAM Hosted Information Management (HIM) for remote archiving of patient data and medical images in the Secure Data Center in Milano, Italy to securely safeguard patient information.
KODAK Digital Dental Equipment Showcased
In addition, a staff of dentists and assistants will use KODAK digital imaging equipment and film for intraoral and extraoral dental exams. In the polyclinics, intraoral examinations will use KODAK RVG 6000 Digital Radiography Systems that capture and display images of individual teeth or sets of teeth on a computer monitor to assist in diagnoses and treatment planning. Polyclinics are a primary source of dental care for athletes from all over the world. 
Infoimaging's Impact
"Because our systems allow images to be sent electronically to remote specialists, an injured athlete will not have to travel across town for diagnostic imaging services. This is key, since rapid diagnosis and treatment can mean the difference between an athlete returning to competition or having to drop out of the Games," said Kevin Hobert, President of Kodak's Health Group.
The Future With Infoimaging
The Polyclinics are configured to perform medical imaging services for hundreds of patients per day, and can complete more than 800 imaging exams over the course of the Games. After the Games, KODAK digital imaging equipment will remain in Italy to be used by local healthcare facilities and will continue to provide world-class medical imaging services in the country.