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Accreditation and ID Services For the Torino 2006 Olympic
Winter Games

As the official imaging sponsor of the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games, Eastman Kodak Company will fabricate all the accreditation and ID badges required for more than 300,000 athletes, coaches, sponsors, contractors, volunteers, and security personnel-virtually everyone except spectators-who will participate in the 17-day Winter Games.
"Considering the complexity of gathering that many photos and merging them with the appropriate individualized background data, it's a fairly daunting challenge, but one Kodak technologies can handle readily," said Kodak's Gregory T. Walker, Director, Brand and Market Development, and Divisional Vice President. "Kodak imaging technologies, from digital cameras to document scanners to radiology equipment in the Olympic Polyclinic, will be supporting the conduct of the Games from start to finish."
The accreditation process consists of obtaining a person's image identification and merging this image with their appropriate access rights and classification. Accreditation badges not only act
as the primary security pass, but also as a means of identifying which venues and where in the venue a person is assigned, their job title, nationality, and what transportation and dining privileges are authorized.
To access the Olympic venues, participants first submit applications to the Main Accreditation Center (MAC) in Torino. Applications are scanned into a database utilizing a Kodak Digital
Science Color Scanner 3590C. Special Kodak software allows the scanned image to be cropped, and data added and displayed on a computer screen. The scanners are able to read up to 80 forms a minute and distribute the load to several workstations. Images of the applicants are captured using KODAK EASYSHARE digital cameras.
The photos are transferred to the accreditation electronic system, enabling the Torino 2006 IT partner to merge the images with appropriate information taken from the applications. A security background check is performed. Then, once a badge is ready to be printed, it transfers back to Kodak and is output by the KODAK PROFESSIONAL ML500 or KODAK 8660 thermal printer. A completely processed badge is output in a little over two minutes. The Kodak ML-500 printers working in bulk mode can produce a badge every 10 seconds. In addition, 50 KODAK 8660
thermal printers will be networked and placed at 23 remote sites around the Olympic venues to print lost credentials for Olympic participants.