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Kodak Image Center

Kodak Photo Lab at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
The Kodak Image Center, a 20,000-square foot facility located in the Main Press Center, will serve the needs of more than 1,200 professional photographers and news agencies with traditional and digital photographic products and services. An estimated 4 million images will be acquired and digitized. By digitizing all the images, the Kodak Image Center will enable photographers and photo editors to share these memorable moments with editors, producers, and audiences worldwide.
Showcasing Kodak's Graphic Communications business, several digital printing technologies will be employed in an on-site production center. A Kodak NEXPRESS digital color production press will be installed to produce on-demand, full-color materials. Kodak will produce postcards, newsletters, and poster-sized prints of key images for display purposes.

Kodak will print Opening Ceremony photos and other image related items, and will deliver imaging services throughout the games to the International Olympic Committee, the U.S. Olympic Committee and several other National Olympic Committees, and many of the Games Sponsors.


Kodak Picture of the Day files are distributed worldwide for production in the Kodak demo centers, and for use in other Kodak publications.


We also produce a daily publication for the United States Olympic Committee called the USOC Daily. We push out 1,000 12-page saddle stitch booklets by 9:00 p.m. each day during the Games for distribution in the Athletes Village, the USA House, and for the U.S. Olympic Team.